Management Team

Dirk Langeveld (Founder/CEO)
Mr. Langeveld has more than 30 years senior shipping and finance industry experience, including as operating executive at a major container line, as well as container operating and leasing companies, and other maritime service providers. He holds degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Harvard MBA.

Doug Franco (Founder/Vice President, Business Development)
Mr. Franco is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and previously held sales management and finance positions at IBM, HP, and Xerox. He is also the founder of Orchard International, a non-profit which provides humanitarian assistance to conflict zones around the world. He holds a degree in Mathematics from Stanford, and a Harvard MBA.

Bill Dunlop, PhD (Technical Adviser)
Mr. Dunlop was Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Division Director for thermonuclear weapons development; and was head of non-proliferation i.e. arms control programs, including post-Cold War collaborations in Russia. He remains active at LLNL and DTRA on maritime security and nuclear forensics.