Highly sensitive intrusion detection and tracking for shipping containers.

Improved logistics through real-time visibility and accountability from origin to destination.

Intermodal shipping containers are vulnerable to terrorism and theft. U.S. cargo losses are estimated at $30-50 billion annually. Government initiatives to secure containers are incomplete and ineffective against physical intrusion. Shippers and carriers naturally resist expensive and ineffective mandated controls as they struggle to manage their complex supply chains, improve logistics efficiency, cut expenses and eliminate shrinkage. SecureBox technology provides commercial solutions to secure container supply chains and help shippers achieve their goals.

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Intermodal shipping containers carry valuable inventory which should enjoy the same visibility and security already in place at factories, warehouses and distribution centers.  SecureBox offers sophisticated intrusion detection, environmental monitoring, GPS tracking and real time reporting to shippers.  SecureBox provides shippers the information they need to reduce theft, lower insurance costs, and drive improvements in supply chain efficiency.